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Terms and Conditions


We take yourprivacy very seriously and treat all your personal information as confidential.This policy relates to your use of this website; the data you supply to us andour use of that data.

Collection,use and storage of data

What sort ofdata do you collect?


When you shopon this website, you will be asked to input personal information such as yourname, email address, delivery address, telephone number(s), product selectionsand a password. Basic personal details, including your name, email address anddate of birth, are also requested when you sign up for a LYNNAGE account.

We ask you foryour date of birth, which will be used to identify you if you wish to makechanges to your account.

We do notstore credit card information.

Your use ofour website

We collect,and our third party providers may collect, information about where you havecome from on the internet and how you are accessing the site (for example, theURL you came from before you visited this website and your IP address), yourbrowser type, your geographical location, the pages of our website you viewedduring your visit, the advertisements you clicked on, and any search terms thatyou entered. We may collect this information about all visitors, even those whodo not register with us. For more information, see our Cookie Policy.


How do you usethis data? 

To processyour orders, from delivery to payment and returns.

To send youmarketing communications, where you have requested them.

For analyticalpurposes, to learn about how shoppers are using our website. This helps usimprove and personalize the site and its services to you.

To prevent ordetect fraud and abuses of our website. 

How do youkeep my personal information and payment details secure?

Allinformation about our customers and site visitors is kept on a secure serverand we fully comply with all applicable Taiwan’s data protection and consumerlegislation. Any personal information that you give us and any information weuse to identify you, is held in accordance with Taiwan’s Personal InformationProtection Act. 

SSL andencryption technology

We haveimplemented internet security technology to ensure that it is safe for you toshop with us. We use internet standard encryption technology to scramble yourpersonal data when you give it to us. This process is known as Secure SocketsLayer (SSL) and we update our technology to provide you with the maximum levelof security.

To check youare in a secure area of our website, you can look at the your browser windowand you will see a closed padlock or our site address starts with “https”. Thisindicates that SSL is enabled and your transaction is secure.

Additionally,we do not hold any of your credit card details anywhere on our website. Theyare simply passed securely to our e-payments processor for authorization byyour bank.


You can signup to receive marketing communications from LYNNAGE through the online sign-upform when you register for an online account.

In signing up,you consent to receive information from us about products, promotions orspecial offers that we feel may be of interest to you. These may be sent byemail, mail, telephone or SMS message. Promotions may also be sent to you basedon your shopping history.

How tounsubscribe from email communications

You canunsubscribe from our newsletter by replying to any marketing email with theword ‘STOP’ either in the subject line or body of the email, or by callingCustomer Services at +886 8771-3460. Please be aware that it may take up to 5business days to stop receiving emails.

Disclosure tothird parties

If we arerequested by the police, or any other regulatory or government authorityinvestigating suspected illegal activities, to provide your personalinformation and/or user information, we will do so.


Your personalinformation may be disclosed to reputable third party companies who will helpprocess your order. These may include our payment service provider, ITsuppliers and courier or shipping companies.


Unless withprior disclosure and compliance with Taiwan’s applicable legislation, we willnot pass your details to third parties or for other uses. We do not discloseindividual names or any identifying information without your permission.



Cookies aresmall pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer'shard drive. Cookies do not contain any recognizable personal information butare used by websites, including this one, to better understand how visitors areaccessing and using their site. This information may be used to improve websiteusability and for marketing purposes.


Orderprocessing Cookies 

We use theseCookies to provide essential services to our customers, relating to theprocessing of their order.

Site analyticsCookies (e.g. Google Analytics)

These Cookiesare used to better understand how customers are using our site so we canimprove and optimize to create the best possible experience for shoppers.

How can I stopCookies being used? 

Most browsersare automatically set to accept Cookies but usually you can alter the settingsof your browser to prevent automatic acceptance. Please be aware thatrestricting Cookies will have a negative impact on your experience of this andmany other websites. However, if you choose not to allow Cookies, you willstill be able to use most of the features of our website, including the abilityto purchase items.


If you objectto us using Cookies, find out how to manage the use of Cookies through yourbrowser (for any site you visit) here:

Protection ofMinors

When minorsuse our website, they should have the consent and under the supervision oftheir legal guardian. At any time the legal guardian may request that we stopcollecting, processing and using the personal data from the minor's account.

Privacy PolicyUpdates 

If our policychanges in the future - to comply with new legislation, for example - we willupdate this page with the new details. Please check back to keep up to datewith any changes.